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    Colm Hayes Monday 24 March 2014


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    Making a Treat Disappear

    Check out this video that had us in stiches laughing. This magician has a brilliant way of confusing dogs by making their treats disappear:




    Voice of Ireland

    Last night there was controversy, where audience members reportedly walked out during the show because of this raunchy dancing:



    Punching above your weight

    Meet Darren. He's just won a competition in England called "Punching Above Your Weight", because people think his wife is so beautiful, nobody would expect her to be with him.

    Well that's a bit harsh....

    Worst (or best?) own goal ever?

    Check out this own goal from Brazil over the weekend. And they say Brazilians are the best footballers on the planet...



    Penguins tripping up

    Check out this video we just came across. A load of penguins tripping up - nothing better to cheer you up on a Monday!




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