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    Colm Hayes Tuesday 18 March 2014


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    F1 Engine Sound

    A bit of a rift has appeared in the world of F1, and it's all because of the noise of it.....or lack of it to be exact.

    With new rules kicking in from this season to make the cars more fuel efficient, and more relevant to current road car technology, the power units in the cars were changed from V8, to V6 engines.

    At the season opener in Australia last weekend however, the organisers were far from happy, claiming that the cars were so quiet that it could be a breach of contract. Have a listen to the cars from 2013 vs the cars of 2014 here and let us know what you think? Is it a tragedy, is it a good move by the powers that be in F1? Does it matter?

    You can let us know through @colmhayes2fm on twitter, or you can email us DriveBy@rte.ie 


    A Dog on a Bed

    This Dog's owner has banned his pooch from stepping onto his bed. A little suspicious of his furry friend however, he set up a hidden camera to see what his dog got up to when he was out of the house. The results had us in tears laughing...

    We'd love to know, have you ever caught any of your pets red handed? If you have any evidence, even better - tweet them to us - @colmhayes2fm , or email them to DriveBy@rte.ie



    A Whale Who Just Loves Music!

    Here's one to put a smile on your face today....a Beluga whale who just loves the sound of this man's bagpipes!




    Ireland vs France

    Well, we just can't get enough of Ireland's win over France at the weekend. This video pretty much sums up the entire country's reaction on Saturday. Currently the 2nd most trending news story in Ireland. Absolutely hilarious!  


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