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    Colm Hayes Thursday 13 March 2014


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    Best Excuse Ever?

    This is a video that's gone viral online today, and comes from a helmet cam of a cyclist in England. Aggrivated by how close a driver gets to him as he drives past, the cyclist takes chase. When he catches up with the driver at a set of traffic lights however, the excuse he's given might take you by surprise....



    First Kiss Phony Video

    Remember that video we talked about on the show this week? The one where the strangers kissed? It was all very lovely and heartwarming... and awkward.

    Well turns out we've all been had! It was all a clever ploy by a clothing company. The actors in the video are all wearing their clothes, and with 38 million views clocked up, the joke is certainly on us!



    Desert(ed) Cinema

    These eerie photos have been trending online all day. A deserted cinema in the middle of the desert. They were taken by an Estonian photographer, who came across the incredible sight recently.


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