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    Colm Hayes Wednesday 12 March 2014


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    Elders React to Shakira

    Colm just mentioned this video - Elders reacting to Shakira. Well worth a watch!



    St. Patrick's Day

    Colm also mentioned this poster that has gone viral, and it is allegedly from Dublin Airport, asking tourists to make sure they pronounce St. Patrick's day properly.


    Awkward Kiss

    We spoke about this video yesterday on the show, and Carl just told us that it's now the number 1 trending video in Ireland, and has racked up almost 27 million views.




    The Internet is now 25 Years Old. Today in what's trending, Carl brought news of the hashtag #EarlyInternetMemories, which is trending worldwide. So one of our memories here on the show, has to be this sound:



    Impatient Dog

    The best video we've seen all day! One owners dog was fed up at being left in the car all day. So what did he do? He started beeping the horn!




    Jake Gyllenhaal

    Colm just brought news of Jake Gyllenhaal, who stripped off during filming for a new film about Everest. Looks like a few of the photos have diappeared from online, so here's a photo, of the photos that we've taken on our phone!


    Adorable Cupcake Kid

    Colm also spoke about this video, an adorable (and hilarious) 3 year old, who is trying his absolute best to convince his mother that he should be allowed eat cupcakes for dinner!



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