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    Colm Hayes Wednesday 5 March 2014


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    Brand New Pope Magazine

    Colm just told us about this brand new magazine that's all about the pope! Il Mio Papa hits shelves soon!


    Hover Board

    Carl just told us about a spoof video that's gone viral, it's currently the number 1 video being watched in the US, and Number 4 in Ireland on YouTube. It's from a company called HuvR, who claim to have developed the world's first working Hover Board. Pretty convincing, but unfortunately it wasn't to be. It turns out the video is a spoof!


    Oh well. Maybe someday!



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      Title: Millennium (Radio Edit)
      Performer(s): Robbie Williams
      Performer(s): Robbie Williams
      Album: In and Out of Consciousness - Greatest Hits 1990 - 2010
      Duration: 3:52

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