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    Colm Hayes Wednesday 18 December 2013


    Colm Hayes

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    How to and What is...

    A study this week revealed the most popular "how to" and "what is" searches on the internet. Colm is chatting to listeners who are revealing all the useful things they have found out using Google and YouTube.

    Vitamin Suppliments

    A recent report in America has suggested that taking vitamin suppliments are of no benefit to our health. Colm is joined by dietician Sarah Keogh who disagrees with this report.

    Cold Snap

    The weather is due to change tomorrow in Ireland with a Cold Snap due in the early hours of the morning. So Colm has asked listeners, where are the coldest places they've ever been?

    Scamming The Scammer

    Colm chats with Irish Author Don Mullan, who is in the in the process of writing a book in which he has scammed a number of scammers who have emailed him. Don is also just back from Nelson Mandela's funeral, and he shares his experience with Colm on this as well.

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