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    Colm Hayes Thursday 12 September 2013


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    School Age

    Today on the show we asked if school should start at age 6 or 7? In the U.K a group of experts, including academics and teachers, have written a letter to the Telegraph in which they called on their government to raise the formal schooling age - However a spokesman for Education Secretary Michael Gove said the authors of the letter were "misguided". What do you think? Should we like Finland and other Scandinavian countries wait until children are more formed socially to start academic learning. Or should we adopt the policy that young minds are like sponges and stick with young academic learning?


    Michael Le Vell Case

    In the wake of Coronation Street actor Michael Le Vell being cleared of rape and other charges, the question of whether suspects in such cases should be granted anonymity has been raised again - Criminologist John O’Keeffe was on the line to talk about the implications of the debate which has been started in the wake of this trial



    Tracy Mahady won tickets to see the Chippendales on our show a couple of weeks ago - Tracey went to the show last night and was on the line to tell Colm all about it


    Kevin Dundon

    Kevin Dundon was in studio today with a meal plan for the week for a family - Kevin managed to do all the shopping required for the recipes for €50

    Here's the daily planner:


    Lunch : Pasta Carbonara with Bacon

    Dinner : Cottage Pie

    Tuesday :

    Lunch : Homemade Carrot Soup

    Dinner : Tomato and Chorizo Spaghetti

    Wednesday :

    Lunch : Savoury Quiche

    Dinner : Sausage Casserole and Mashed Potato

    Thursday :

    Lunch ; Potato & Bacon Soup

    Dinner : Slow Cooked Beef & Potato Pie

    Friday :

    Lunch : Spanish Omelette

    Dinner : Chicken Curry with Boiled Rice

    Saturday :

    Lunch : Chicken Noodle Soup

    Dinner : Soy & Ginger Pork Chops with Sauteed Potato


    Lunch : Garlic Roast Chicken with Potato & Cauliflower

    Dinner : Homemade Pizza (Leftovers).


    And the Recipes: Click Here

    And here's the much sought after brown bread recipe: Click Here

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