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    PIP (personal insolvency practitioner) Jim Stafford, has apologised for comments that he made, in which he made distinctions between different kinds of indebted workers. Mr Stafford had said '"I would be making a very strong case, for example, that a solicitor should have a bigger house that accords with his professional status in society so that his neighbours and clients can see that, yes, this person is a good solicitor who is living in a good house" - Mr Stafford has since apologised for the comments, but do they allude to an attitude that persists in Ireland? Do we, despite our initial ideals as a state, have a classist society and have we become a nation of snobs? Today we discussed the issue


    Trapattoni is Gone

    Tony O'Donoghue was on the line with the breaking news that Trapattoni is no longer the Manager of The Republic of Ireland



    Yesterday Colm read an e-mail from a man who tragically lost his girlfriend through suicide - Siobhan is a survivor of a suicide attempt and believes that by talking about her own situation she may help others


    The Samaritans can be called on 1850 60 90 90 - www.samaritans.ie

    Aware's helpline is 1890 303302 - www.aware.ie

    Console is 1890 201 890 - www.console.ie

    And You can find help from Pieta House and a Centre close to you here on www.pieta.ie or call 01 601 0000

    Colm also mentioned Caroline McGuigan's organistaion SOS Suicide or Survive which is an Irish charity focussed on breaking down the stigma associated with mental health issues and ensuring that those affected have access to quality recovery services that are right for the individual - www.suicideorsurvive.ie


    10,000 Days

    Not Only is today the 12th Anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York in 2001, but it is 10,000 days since the Chernobyl disaster. Mark Hogan of Hot Press is just back from Vesnova Orphanage and Children’s Mental Asylum in Chernobyl and he spoke about how the disaster that happened there so long ago is still having a massive impact. You can donate €2 to Chernobyl Children International by texting Chernobyl to 50300 or log on to Chernobyl-international.com/donate. Also singer Paul Casey has released a song entitled 10,000 days with all proceeds going to the CCI – you can download the song on i-Tunes for 99 cent

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