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    Colm Hayes Wednesday 21 August 2013


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    Role Models

    Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old Pakistani girl was attacked by Taliban gunmen last October after she campaigned for girls to go to school without fear. Last night she became the latest recipient of the Tipperary International Peace Award. Also last night was the premiere of the One Direction move This is Us. The boys are a great example of role models for their young fans.

    Who would your role model be?  Some listeners give their choices on air from David Beckham to Fiona Doyle, whose son Deasún spoke to Colm about his wonderful mother and how she has inspired them with her courage.


    Christmas in August????

    Brown Thomas have opened their Christmas shop. Barbara Bradley has had her Christmas dinner already and Santa has been spotted in Waterford. It's August!!


    One Direction Movie Premiere

    Last night This is Us, the One Direction movie, had its premiere in London's Leicester Square with the boys in attendance and at the same time here in Dublin it was also screened. However, our own Amanda Fennelly saw the movie last week and can finally give us her view on the most talked about release of the summer.






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