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    Colm Hayes Monday 19 August 2013


    Colm Hayes

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    Endurance Cycling

    Ricky Geoghegan talks to Colm about his exploits on long distance cycling and how he stays awake.

    Ricky started cycling seriously about 25 years ago and through the years drifted in and out as time and commitments allowed. He has participated in all types of events from racing, sportive, charity, through to where he is now, endurance riding.

    He started in endurance about 4 years ago and thought he would cycle for 20 hours and then sleep for 30-40 mins during his first long cycle but learned so much in that event, firstly you cannot sleep on demand and time is so precious in and event you cannot waste and hour, trying to get 20 mins sleep; you can only sleep when you are exhausted and at that point 10mins of good sleep is better than 6 hours of bad.


    Moral Dilemma

    Colm poses a moral dilemma which he was faced with yesterday. He gets listeners' view as to what they would do if they saw a shop lifter - would they report it and face all the consequences such as maybe a court appearance, or just walk away.

    Weekend Breakfast with Colm Hayes

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