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    Colm Hayes Friday 16 August 2013


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    Festival Friday

    It's Festival Friday "boutique style" today on the Colm Hayes Show ..........we have moved indoors..........the weather was so unpredictable etc. etc... we have comedian Eric Lalor......all the latest showbiz news and gossip with Lottie Ryan......music from Brian Flanagan.....and looking forward to some tapas...from Havanas Tapas Bar in South Georges St in Dubin with chef Soufian Oualkaid.

    Brian Flanagan has 2 albums "Going Back" and "Dreaming Road". He has collaborated with blues legend Eric Bibb and has been nominated for numerous awards. He sings Adele: Laurie Blue and Naughty Boy Cover.

    Havana Tapas Bar which is 10 years in business, was the first Tapas Bar in Dublin. Chef Soufian Oualkaid is introducing a new tapas menu and is giving us a flavour! 


    Hair Disasters

    Have you ever tried to colour your hair and it doesn't work out like you had imagined? Two listeners tell us of their disasters and how they tried to explain them!


    Drugs in Peru

    Michaella McCollum Connolly and Melissa Reid claimed they were forced to travel to Peru against their will after being held captive in Spain for a number of days. Michaella (20) said she and her Scottish co-accused, Melissa Reid (19), were separately duped by the same man.The women have claimed they were forced at gunpoint to carry €1.7m of cocaine in their luggage. They also say that at no point were they offered money to transport the 11.5kg consignment of cocaine.

    Would you contribute to a fund to help them fight their case? Should the Irish people send them money to enable them to hire a lawyers to try to prove they are innocent?

    We have some listeners who have strong opinions on the subject.


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