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    Colm Hayes Thursday 15 August 2013


    Colm Hayes

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    Facebook has been linked to unhappiness through a decline in wellbeing. The more time people spend Facebooking, the more depressed they get. People upload photos of themselves enjoying themselves but this is only a snapshot of themselves at a certain time in a certain place.  It does not constitute their whole life but people compare it to their own and feel depressed that they are not as happy.  Paul Horan and a colleague did some research on social networking.


    Sky News Cameraman Killed in Egypt

    Enda Brady of Sky News talks to Colm about the shock and upset in Sky News on hearing of the death of their colleague, Mick Deane, a cameraman who was shot by a sniper in Egypt yesterday.


    Pet Funerals

    The death of a family pet is a very traumatic experience in any home. How did you mark their passing? Listeners phone in to give their stories of how they buried their pets from dogs to ponies to chickens.

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