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    Colm Hayes Tuesday 9 July 2013


    Colm Hayes

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    Bill Liao

    The Kinsale Arts Festival is in full swing and runs until this Sunday 14th July, one of the highlights is local resident Bill Liao who will be speaking this Thursday about his programme; Codor Dojo. Bill is Australian born and is an entrepreneur and philanthropist and has been working in Ireland with Sean O’ Sullivan for about 5 years where he is European
    Venture Partner looking after up to 100 million dollars. He has moved here permanently and loves the country. Bill spoke to Colm about the Arts Festival and about his views on how Ireland can get back on its feet


    Swoon Moments

    A massive statue of Mr Darcy in his wet shirt has been erected in a London Park to promote a new TV Channel - This iconic moment from TV seems to be so famous because of its 'swoon factor' - What's your favourite swoon moment from movies or TV?

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