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    Colm Hayes Thursday 4 July 2013


    Colm Hayes

    What we want the listener to talk about and what the listeners want to talk about, they decide! Colm Hayes Show weekdays, 11am-1pm


    Books of Protest

    A protest with a difference is being planned for outside Leinster House later today. Those attending are being asked to bring a book to reflect how they feel about what's happening in the country. Colm asked listeners what book they would bring


    YouTube DIY

    If you've got a DIY problem, there's now a video to fix it! Conor Power recently took up a DIY challenge by attempting to learn 5 new skills in one day and he told Colm all about the process and if he would recommend it.


    Internet Speak

    Whether you hashtag something on Twitter, LOL in a text or comment that something on Facebook is ‘totes amazeballs’ – how we use the English language has been significantly impacted in the last decade or so by the internet, mobile phones and the rise of social networks – Amanda Fennelly was in studio to tell us more about what is commonly known as Internet speak

    Weekend Breakfast with Colm Hayes

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