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    Colm Hayes Tuesday 21 May 2013


    Colm Hayes

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    Foreign Aid

    A headline on yesterday’s Evening Echo showed prompted a discussion today on foreign aid, as a leading figure in an Irish charity has called on the government to divert cash spent on foreign aid and use it to feed our own poor. Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Eamon Gilmore has said that, the Government’s spending on overseas development continues to have “strong support” and he explained the reasoning behind the government’s stance, pointing out that the key elements of Irish Aid’s new strategy include encouraging sustainable economic growth in partner countries to support their move away from aid and bring increased opportunities for Ireland. Brendan Dempsey is the regional vice president of St Vincent De Paul, who has accused the Government of being ‘completely unaware of the suffering and desperation of people’ here. He spoke to Colm about why he thinks we should divert our foreign aid back home. Hans Zomer is the Director of Dochas which is the umbrella group of Irish Non-Governmental Development Organisations. Hans believes that we cannot be pitting one deserving section of society against another and does not agree with Brendan Dempsey’s view and he explained the government’s commitment to foreign aid. We also heard the views of many listeners on the subject.


    Dealing With Unemployment and Financial Stress

    Psychologist Allison Keating had advice on how to deal with the anxiety of economic woes. For those who have unexpectedly lost their jobs it can be a traumatic and devastating experience and the loss of a job can be similar to another loss like a death a divorce or a break-up.


    How Bear Grylls are you?

    Every day this week we are giving away a family holiday with thanks to Camping Ireland - Today in order to win we asked 'how Bear Grylls are you?' and heard some stories of coping with the wilds

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