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    Colm Hayes Monday 13 May 2013


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    Contentious plans for a €20m wind-farm near a small village in west Clare have been put on hold. Applicants; Clare Winds Ltd claim the site is an optimum location for the development of a proposed wind energy project. However objectors including An Tasice claim that the beauty of the countryside will be compromised - One of the objectors, Glenmore Action Group, warned: “The tranquillity and beauty of this peaceful area will be lost to our community, especially the younger generation. We don’t want to be surrounded and looking out our living area windows at these huge proposed turbines.” The issue of turbines appears in the news every week, and is increasingly an issue across the country. Today we discussed the pros and cons of wind-farms


    Donal Walsh

    Jim Breen was on the line to pay tribute to Donal Walsh whose message was pivotal on the Cycle Against Suicide.  16 year old Donal was battling
    cancer since he was first diagnosed four years ago. Donal had publicly appealed to young people not to end their lives. Donal sadly passed away at his home in Blennerville, Co Kerry.

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