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    Colm Hayes Tuesday 7 May 2013


    Colm Hayes

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    'Flipping Out'

    Dame Helen Mirren broke character from her regal role during a performance on Saturday evening when she yelled at a group of drummers to be quiet while still dressed in her stage costume as Queen Elizabeth II. Have you ever felt compelled to give out to a stranger? Colm heard some great stories


    Cycle Against Suicide

    All Ireland winning footballer Oisín McConville gave a talk at St Louis Convent in Monaghan on a lunchtime stop in the Cycle Against Suicide - Oisín brought the entire hall to a standstill with his story - Oisín told Colm about his battle with a gambling addiction and the importance of speaking out. Here is a picture of Colm with Oisín and his wife Darina and their baby Ryan



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