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    Colm Hayes Tuesday 23 April 2013


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    Illegal dumping is on the increase and Dublin City Council have had to get a truck to try and deal with the issue - Some listeners were annoyed at the constant dumping in their area, however others felt that it was to be expected in light of the ecomomic hardships people are facing


    Cycle Against Suicide

    Over the course of the next couple of weeks on the cycle Positive Mental Health Workshops will be happening in schools around the country. Today on the show we gave a glimpse in to the kind of talk that happens at the workshops, with a listen in to a workshop that happened here in the Radio Centre a couple of weeks ago. Show Reporter Amanda Fennelly was in studio to talk about how we invited Transition Year Students from all around the country to RTE to record a Positive Health Workshop. Theidea of these workshops is to build positive mental health coping skills be providing tools, techniques and confidence. The sessions we did a couple of weeks ago consisted of four speakers and a Q and A session with the students. The speakers were Caroline McGuigan; a qualified psychotherapist and founder of ‘Suicide of Survive’, Robert Carley; a motivational business consultant and father of five, Nigel O’Callaghan; Community Engagement Officer for Reachout.com and Shane Martin; a psychologist who is dedicated to teaching the very best self-help psychology

    Day 1 of The Cycle Against Suicide

    Yesterday the Cycle Against Suicide got underway and hundreds of cyclists set-off from RTE


    Weekend Breakfast with Colm Hayes

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