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    Colm Hayes Thursday 18 April 2013


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    Social Housing

    Cork County Council has warned that refusals of social housing are clogging up the system and said that some seemingly ridiculous reasons were given for refusal, citing one example of a family who refused a home because there was no room for a trampoline. However there must also be very legitimate reasons for refusing an offer of social housing - Colm spoke to some people who have been on the waiting lists


    Things that scared you as a child

    On thejournal.ie last week there was a very funny list of some of the things that used to really scare you as a child, such as losing your mother in the supermarket, or the monster under the bed. Colm heard from listeners about theirs, which included The Hulk, leprosy and even the dreaded dish-cloth to the face.

    The New Zealand parliament broke into spontaneous song on Wednesday when historic gay marriage legislation was passed - After the vote was announced the House of Representatives in Wellington was filled with the sound of the New Zealand love song ‘Pokarekare Ana- in the indigenous Maori language. Colm played the singing -



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