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    Colm Hayes Monday 15 April 2013


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    Gay Marriage

    A Constitutional Convention has voted in favour of a referendum on the introduction of gay marriage – 79 percent of delegates at the convention voted for a potential change. Gay rights campaigners have hailed what they described as a “major milestone” on the journey to full equality as the Government considers a recommendation to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. However Conservative and Catholic groups said the recommendation by the Constitutional Convention was expected but the result of any referendum on the issue would be far less certain. Colm asked listeners for their views and we conducted a poll; asking 'Are you in favour of gay marriage in Ireland?' - The results came in as 78 percent in favour and 22 percent against


    Cycle Against Suicide

    Alan Heary is a cycling coach and co-founder of yourcyclingacademy.com - The Cycle Against Suicide starts next Monday - Alan spoke about the final preparations and training that you should be doing ahead of a big cycle

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