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    Colm Hayes Thursday 11 April 2013


    Colm Hayes

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    Religious Payments

    The Department of Social Protection has confirmed that exceptional needs payments (ENPs) will not be made in 2013 for religious ceremonies. More than €3.4m was paid in communion and confirmation grants in 2011 to over 14,000 families. Do you welcome this further divide between the state and religion, or is this another way of hitting hard pressed families? Is it now time to ask the Church for the money instead of the state? Colm spoke to both sides


    Judge Judy's Comments

    Last night Judge Judy appeared in an interview with Nora Owen on TV3 and during the interview she said that closed courtrooms protect bad judges and bad lawyers and that cameras in the courtroom should be the norm. Colm spoke to Alisha Hayes a barrister from Limerick about the comments


    Cycle Against Suicide

    Aoibheann McCaul aka Caoimhe Dillon and Maclean Burke aka Damien Halpin from Fair City were on the line because they are both going to get involved in the Cycle Against Suicide

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