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    Colm Hayes Monday 8 April 2013


    Colm Hayes

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    Road Rage

    More and more motorists are installing dashboard cameras to protect themselves against scam insurance crashes and road rage, but who are the real offenders? Cars in bus lanes, or cyclists going through red lights, what really gets under your skin when you are driving? Colm spoke to some listeners about their 'Road Rage' moments


    Cycle Against Suicide

    Alan Heary is a cycling coach and co-founder of yourcyclingacademy.com - This week Alan had tips for people who are doing multi-stages in the Cycle Against Suicide - If you are doing many stages it is very important to take care of yourself i.e.; get plenty of rest between each stage and make sure that you eat and drink properly.


    'Fishing' Robbery

    Lisa Cannon has revealed that her house was broken into because a fishing rod device which was used to open her door through the letter box- Colm spoke to another Lisa about a similar event that happened to her

    Weekend Breakfast with Colm Hayes

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