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    Alcohol Sponsorship

    An Oireachtas Committee on Transport and Communications has discussed the issue of a potential ban on alcohol sponsorship in the world of sports.Football Association of Ireland chief John Delaney has warned politicians not to blame sponsorship by drinks firms for alcohol abuse. Delaney argued that a “crude” ban on alcohol companies backing major competitions would actually damage society. “Do not blame the sporting bodies for what is happening with alcohol abuse,” Mr Delaney said. “If you take the sponsorship away, the effect to this state would be greater because that money would not be spent in getting kids active in socially deprived areas.”The FAI chief was joined by Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) chief executive Philip Browne and GAA director general Paraic Duffy in a grilling from politicians trying to tackle the nation's drinking habits. All three defended the sporting world against claims it could be linked with alcohol abuse. What do you think? Does sponsorship by drinks companies of sporting events really cause an increase in alcohol consumption?


    Impact of Porn on Young People

    A judge in the UK recently made a statement in a case he was presiding over whereby he concluded that a violent rape perpetrated by a 15 year old boy and his friend against a 14 year old girl was provoked by him being in “a state of high sexual charge without release following on from months of exposure to pornography”. Another story that appeared in the papers yesterday had the headline “Girls of 13 pressured to pose for home-made blue movies: Teachers warn pornography is becoming part of everyday life’’. Although those are both UK stories, this is just as much a problem here in this country. Joanna Fortune is a clinical psychotherapist and also the director of the Solamh Parent-Child Relationship Clinic and yesterday she wrote a startling article for TheJournal.ie about how easy access to porn is adversely affecting our teenagers– Joanna spoke to Colm about the frightening impact that porn has on young people today


    Dog Attack

    Yesterday there was the horrific news that 14 year old Jade Anderson from Wigan was mauled to death by 2 bull mastiffs and 2 Staffordshire bull terriers. John O’Keeffe is a Criminologist with Trinity College and he spoke about the law regarding dangerous dog breeds and the differences between the law in England and the law Ireland on this matter. In England certain dog breeds are banned however in Ireland there are no out-right bans on breeds.

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