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    Colm Hayes Wednesday 27 March 2013


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    Leo Varadkar Comments

    The Transport, Tourism and Sport Minister Leo Varadkar has said that childcare costs will have to be taken into account in insolvency arrangements. The Minister said ‘“I know one or two women who probably don’t make very much money at all from working, but they do it to keep their position on the career ladder, if you like, and that is a legitimate thing to do but if you can’t pay your mortgage as a result or you can’t buy your groceries as a result well then that’s something that needs to be taken into account in any insolvency arrangement.” The National Women’s Council have said that the Ministers comments are disgraceful. Director of the NWC Orla O’Connor described the comments as ‘anti women and anti-children’. What do you think of the Ministers comments? Listeners gave their views on the insolvency matter and on the broader issue of childcare in this country


    What's Your Big Idea?

    It's been two weeks since we met our three finalists for our 'What's Your Big Idea?'. The three have been for a meeting with Grant Thornton to look over their business plans. Kevin Foley of Grant Thornton was in studio to let us know how the meetings went and our three budding entrepreneurs were also on the line.

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