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    Colm Hayes Tuesday 19 March 2013


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    St Patrick's Day Mayhem

    St Patrick’s Day has been declared a success by tourism executives who have cited The Gathering. The issue of drinking has however come in to focus again.Would you venture in to the centre of town on St Patrick's Day or have you been put off in recent years by the drinking? Today some listeners said that they would never head in to town on St Patrick's Day again, while others said that the extent of the drunkeness was exaggerated and this attitude would lead to 'the fun police'


    Japanese Prisons

    Richard Hinds will serve a minimum of 5 years in a Japanese prison, with a maximum of 10 years for the murder of Nicola Furlong. John O'Keeffe is a Criminologist with Trinity College Dublin and he spoke to Colm about the kind of conditions that Hinds will live in while in Japanese prison.

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