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    Colm Hayes Friday 15 March 2013


    Colm Hayes

    Today on the show we were talking about the importance of the Irish language, asking if there is any advantage to speaking Irish....We also heard some great drink-free slogan's for t-shirts on St Patrick's Day...And Lottie Ryan was in studio with the latest showbiz gossip and an interview with the cast of the amazing 'The Lion King' musical


    Irish Language

    There was a debate on Prime Time earlier this week about a man who was arrested by police but could not be dealt with because there was nobody there to speak to him in Irish as he had demanded. Is there any advantage to the Irish language today? Listeners gave Colm their views


    Irish T-Shirt Slogans

    Listeners came up with some great slogans for Irish t-shirts on St Patrick's Day - that don't involve any references to drink

    We Didn't Own An i-Pad

    Colm played a piece on You Tube which is a re-working of 80’s hit ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ by Billy Joel – the new version is called ‘We Didn’t Own An i-Pad’ and the lyrics are all about 80’s memories


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