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    Colm Hayes Monday 4 March 2013


    Colm Hayes (with Evelyn O'Rourke)

    Presented by Evelyn O'Rourke What we want the listener to talk about and what the listeners want to talk about, they decide! Colm Hayes Show weekdays, 11am-1pm



    In the papers today we see that more and more people are choosing cremation over burial because of cost. Do you think that you would like to be cremated rather than buried? Today we heard of some listener's preferences


    What's Your Big Idea

    We heard some more great 'big ideas' - Imelda told us about her business - www.collegedinners.ie , which sorts out student's meals for the week. It is only available in Cork at the moment and Imelda would love for college dinners to expand across the country. And Dennis is a potato farmer who has seen sales in potatoes decrease - He has come up with a novel way of re-inventing his product - de-hydrated crisps


    Taking Advantage of The Single Sibling

    Psychologist Alison Keating spoke about the reality of the single-life - Far from being care-free and irresponsible - Single's are often given more than their fair share of family responsibilty. Singles will be asked to look after the elderly or ill parent, they will not be allowed to give excuses for not baby-sitting nieces or nephews,and the single-life may mean that priorities have to be dropped in favour of others.

    Weekend Breakfast with Colm Hayes

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