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    Colm Hayes Thursday 28 February 2013


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    Victim Impact

    Yesterday we spoke about mandatory sentencing for certain crimes - But what about the sentence of the victim? What is life like for those who have suffered from crime?


    What's Your Big Idea?

    Today we heard of a tourism app for children and some exclusive handmade timepieces


    Cycle Against Suicide

    If you are in Gorey, Castlebar or Dundalk, you might be able to help




    Yesterday on the show we were talking about mandatory sentencing, John O'Keefe is a Criminologist with Trinity College and he spoke about his belief that Ireland is too lenient. The focus here was on the criminal- but what about the victim? What is the sentence for the victim? How do you cope with the memories of violent crime? What is the life of the victim like? Last night on the news we saw the images of Philip Moore from Shandon in Cork, and the scarring he has been left with following a violent attack. Two years ago Philip was out for a night with family and friends and was the victim of a savage attack in which his face was bitten. Philip was on the line to talk to Colm about his life now and how it he has been affected. Colm also spoke to Anna about the impact of her brother's murder on her life






    Brid McEvoy is organising the homestays during the Cycle Against Suicide. Brid is looking after the Carlow area and has been working with the Coordinators in other areas - However they are still looking for coordinators in the three key areas of Gorey, Dundalk and Castlebar. If you want to get involved in any capacity, either as a coordinator for those areas, to offer up your home for a homestay or just to help out in some way when the Cycle is coming through your area, please get in touch by e-mailing info@cycleagainstsuicide.com




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    And we heard more 'Big Ideas' - Brenda Bolger loves history and heritage but her children hate visiting heritage sites with her, she has found a way to make it more entertaining for them and has an idea for an Irish Tourism app for children. Also, Al Rohdich comes from a long line of Jewellers and hopes to revive some of the old skills by creating his own range of exclusive handmade time-pieces.


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