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    Tuesday 21st January

    Gearoid Farrelly

    Comedian Gearoid Farrelly was on the line to talk about his new podcast chat-show ‘Fascinated’ - A light-hearted show in which guests who have done fascinating things reflect on their stories and journeys. Fascinated will be available on iTunes & Soundcloud from 25th January 2014

    Cervical Cancer Awareness

    Dr Caitriona Henchion was on the line to talk about the importance of going for your regular smear test and how the screening process has proven to reduce the death rate of cervical cancer

    Bad Sportsmanship?

    Colm mentioned how Dutch speed skater Sjinkie Knegt was stripped of his silver medal for ‘giving the finger’ to the winner of the race that he came second in – What do you think? Is it fair to be stripped of a medal for being un-sportsman like?

    Parenting Promises

    Before you had children, did you have ideals of discipline that seemed to disappear when faced with reality? No telly, no sweets, no sleeping in your bed? Today Colm spoke to some parents who admitted that they may have let some things slide

    Monday 20th January

    Labour Songs

    Apparently Mom’s who listen to their favourite songs during labour feel less pain. Did you have a ‘birthing’ song? Colm spoke to some parents about the music that helped them through

    The Voice

    Bressie was on the line to talk about last night’s episode of The Voice and why he picked Roel

    Embarassing Parents

    Some stories from listeners on the times that their parents had mortified them!

    Friday 17th January

    Household Chores

    There's an article in today's papers where celebs are revealing their favourite household tasks. So Colm has asked lovers of housework to get in touch and share their love of household tasks on the air!

    Wall Street

    The film Wolf of Wallstreet launches tonight in Ireland. Colm chats to Richard who has an extraordinary story of his time working on Wall Street.

    Showbiz News

    Lottie Ryan is live in studio updating Colm on this week’s showbiz news and gossip. She has news on the Oscar Nominations, a new clothing line designed by Nicole Scherzinger, and Justin Bieber’s run in with the law. She also gives an update on what has been trending on twitter all this week.

    Australian Heat Wave

    With record temperatures in Australia this week, Colm hears from listeners in Oz about what it has been like living in 40 degrees plus!

    Thursday 16th January

    Transfer Window

    With the transfer window in the Premiership due to close in the next couple of weeks, Damien O’Meara is Live in Studio to give an update on who has gone where so far, and those who are rumoured to be transferred before the end of the month.

    Famous Relations

    Colm is chatting to listeners who have famous relatives, be they close or distant!

    Wednesday 15th January

    Home Security

    A piece on the net today suggests that a large percentage of people leave spare keys hidden outside their house so that they can get in if they forget their normal set. So Colm is asking people to text in anonymously to ask them where they leave theirs!

    Cycle Against Suicide Student Congress

    Colm chats with Amanda Fennelly who is reporting live from the first ever CAS Student Leaders Congress, an event aimed at promoting mental health awareness amongst young people.

    E- Cigarettes

    Colm chats to Ray Madden, a pub owner who has banned e-cigarettes from his pub. He also hears from a number of listeners who give their opinions on the ban.

    Tuesday 14th January

    Andrew McCann- Property Tax

    Andrew McCann author of ‘Know Your Rights was in studio with advice for listeners on the latest round of letters regarding the property tax

    What's Your Big Idea?

    Last year we met Dennis McCarty and Sandra Graham who were both starting out in business and we followed them through a mentoring process with Grant Thornton. Dennis was making fat free de-hydrated crisps and Sandra was staring up her own upcycling work-shop. Today we caught up with them both to see how plans have progressed

    Friendships and Babies

    Have you had a baby and found it difficult to maintain your friendships? An article in today’s papers shows that many new parents do. Today Colm asked listeners if you can keep your friends when your social life has to change so dramatically?

    Monday 13th January

    The Voice

    Bressie was on the line to talk to Jenny about last night’s episode of The Voice


    It’s the New Year – What exercise have you decided on? What works for you? Are you a cross-fit fanatic? Do you do pilates? Bikram? Spinning? Kettle-bells? Piloxing? What’s your favourite exercise regime? Have you a fitness form that you swear by?

    Friday 10th January

    Showbiz News with Lottie Ryan

    Lottie is live in studio giving an update on all this weeks big showbiz stories, as well as news on what has been trending online during the week.

    iPhone's 7th Birthday

    The iPhone celebrated its 7th Birthday this week. So Colm is asking listeners, what every day items/things have become redundant since it was announced to the world?

    Golden Globes 2014

    Amanda Fennelly is live in studio giving a run down on all the nominees at this year's Golden Globe Awards, which take place this Sunday the 12th of January.

    Career Changes

    A new report suggests that a high percentage of workers will change their career every 4 years. So Colm is chatting to listeners with an eclectic CV.

    Thursday 9th January

    TV in 2014

    Amanda Fennelly is Live in Studio to give her top tips on TV shows that she believes will be big in 2014.

    Fiona Looney

    Fiona is on the phone chatting to Colm about her new TV show which screens tonight on RTÉ called Play Next Door. She also talks with Colm about her comments in today’s Daily Mail, where she admitted that having 3 C-Sections made her feel like a failure as a woman.

    One Way Trip to Mars

    Colm chats with Dr. Joe Roche, one of three Irishmen who have been shortlisted to be sent to Mars on a one way mission called Mars One.

    Fizzy Drinks

    In today's papers there was a story of a man who was addicted to fizzy drinks, and was drinking 24 cans of fizzy drinks a day. Colm asks listeners to get in touch who were/are also addicted to fizzy drinks.

    Wednesday 8th January


    Colm is asking listeners to get in touch and share their tales of some of their silliest, and most forgetful moments of their lives.

    Hand In Marriage

    After a great response to the topic yesterday, Colm chats to some more listeners about the tradition of a man asking a father for his daughter's hand in marriage.

    Cycle Against Suicide Student Congress

    Jim Breen chats to Colm about how 4000 students from around the country are due to take part in the CAS Student Congres, an event to promote mental health awareness amongst young people.

    Tuesday 7th January

    Movies for 2014

    Across this week on the show we’re taking a look at what 2014 has to offer in movies, music and television. Today Amanda Fennelly was in studio with a look at the big films that will hit our cinemas over the next 12 months

    'Hand in Marriage'

    it seems Rory McIlroy did the old fashioned thing and asked Caroline’s parents for her hand in marriage.....did you? Would you? We talked about the idea of getting permission


    Also it was revealed today that smokers get on average 2 weeks more holidays a year than their non-smoking colleagues because they take approximately 25 minutes a day outside on smoke breaks – Does your workplace have a policy on smoke breaks?

    Unwanted Gifts

    What were the worst Christmas gifts that you got?

    Monday 6th January

    The Voice

    Bressie was on the line to talk about the new series of The Voice


    As storms spread across the country we heard from listeners about the impact

    Monday 23rd December

    Home for Christmas

    Many people will be travelling today to be home for Christmas – There are lots of weather warnings so be careful – Colm spoke to some of the many people who were on a journey today

    White Christmas

    Can you guess which country produced this version of White Christmas?

    Christmas Tips

    From cooking your turkey under a J cloth to cooking the marrowfats in some tights

    Friday 20th December

    Insane Cheapness

    Colm is chatting to listeners with some tales about the cheapest people they've ever met!

    Thursday 19th December

    Tottenham Hotspurs

    Colm chats to David and Steven, two Irish college students who applied to Spurs for the position of manager, through a spoof letter in which they highlighted their vast experience in the video game FIFA 14.

    Christmas Crime

    Colm chats with John O’Keefe, Criminologist at City Colleges and Trinity College. John is on the line explaining why patters of crime tend to be slightly different around Christmas time.

    Animal Cruelty

    On Ear to the Ground tonight, Ella McSweeney will be shown killing a turkey. Animal rights groups have spoken out, asking for the clip to be pulled from tonight's programme. Colm is chatting to listeners to get their opinions on the matter.

    Wednesday 18th December

    Scamming The Scammer

    Colm chats with Irish Author Don Mullan, who is in the in the process of writing a book in which he has scammed a number of scammers who have emailed him. Don is also just back from Nelson Mandela’s funeral, and he shares his experience with Colm on this as well.

    Cold Snap

    The weather is due to change tomorrow in Ireland with a Cold Snap due in the early hours of the morning. So Colm has asked listeners, where are the coldest places they've ever been?

    Vitamin Suppliments

    A recent report in America has suggested that taking vitamin suppliments are of no benefit to our health. Colm is joined by dietician Sarah Keogh who disagrees with this report.

    How to and What is...

    A study this week revealed the most popular 'how to' and 'what is' searches on the internet. Colm is chatting to listeners who are revealing all the useful things they have found out using Google and YouTube.

    Tuesday 17th December

    'Last Christmas' International

    Can you tell which country's version of 'Last Christmas' Colm played? We went through a loads of guesses on air


    Also it seems that laughing is not in fact the best medicine – A new report shows the 15 unfortunate side effects from laughing – Colm read the list and asked if anyone would come on air and admit that they had laughed so much they wet themselves

    Children Begging On Dublin Streets

    Siobhan Harvey is East Regional Advocacy Officer with the ISPCC. The ISPCC Leanbh service is asking Dubliners to be vigilant this winter and if they spot a child begging on the streets

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