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    Wednesday 28th January

    Ciara's Diary: Dry Humping

    Each Wednesday, Ciara reads out some old entries of her teenage diaries from when she was a young girl growing up in the 90's. This weeks extract involves teenage Ciara sneaking out and meeting boys.

    Brian. M. Lloyd : Movies

    Mr. Movie Man Brian.M.Lloyd came on with Chris and Ciara to talk new movies and play the movie quiz!

    Tuesday 27th January

    Cow Stylist

    Chris and Ciara talk to professional cow stylist (Yes you read that correctly) Stephen McLoughlin and find out all you need to know about styling your cow.

    Monday 26th January

    Chris and Ciara: Alternative questions to fall in love to

    Chris and Ciara ask each other alternative questions to fall in love to, after The New York Times wrote an article about a psychological study on the 36 questions that can make two people fall in love. Chris and Ciara decided to give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen.

    Rap Off: Get Your Freak On

    Chris and Ciara rapped off to Missy Elliott's 'Get Your Freak On' and it may question whether or not you may actually ever want to get your freak on again.

    Irish guy who gets stuck in a vent

    Chris and Ciara talk about the case of a 18 year old Irish guy getting arrested while trying to sneak into a nightclub in Australia.

    Transatlantic baby

    Chris and Ciara talk about a baby who was born over the Atlantic, and in a weird twist Chris and Ciara got all cerebral, with Chris even dropping some Latin in to conversation. VERY La-Ti-Da.

    Thursday 22nd January


    The Galway Player talks to Chris and Ciara about his ideas for TV dating shows in Ireland.

    Wednesday 21st January

    Chris & Ciara - If You Die...

    Chris and Ciara tell each other what they would do if each other died. They even got suggestions from the listeners!

    Ciara's BAD teenage poetry corner

    Ciara reads out some really bad poetry that she wrote as a teenage, and the theme is The Spice Girls. Oh Dear.

    Brian M.Lloyd: Movies

    Brian M.Lloyd was in studio with Chris and Ciara to talk about Domhnall Gleeson's latest movie AND play the movie quiz.

    Tuesday 20th January

    Dating's Little Helper

    Irish Love Guru Tracey Ferguson was on to chat with Chris and Ciara about her new service which helps Irish people up their dating game by fixing their on-line dating profiles.

    Monday 19th January

    Chris and Ciara talk Vajankles

    Ciara reveals to Chris a new sex toy that is doing the rounds at the minute. The Vajankle. It's exactly what you think it might be.

    Rap Off: Iggy Azalea: Beg For It

    Chris and Ciara rapped off to Iggy Azalea's latest offering 'Beg For It'. It was a close one to call (Although Ciara would disagree) but she eventually edged it in the end.

    Thursday 15th January

    Galway Player 'Advice'

    The Galway Player was on with Chris and Ciara to read out emails he had received from listeners of the show, who for some reason, thought it was a good idea to contact the Galway Player looking for his help.

    Chocolate snorting

    Chris and Ciara chatted to a lady from Canada who owns a shop where you can legitimately go in and snort chocolate.

    Wednesday 14th January

    White people shower more than Ethnics

    Chris and Ciara discuss former Glee actress Naya Rivera's comments on showering when she made a recent appearance on TV programme The View. She clearly didn't think it through before she opened her mouth on National American TV. she did come out to say it was meant to be a joke. So that's okay then.

    Ciara's Diary: Oscar Speech

    Ciara's Diary tonight involved teenage Ciara recounting an Oscar's ceremony she watched on TV in 1998. Then she decides to write her own Oscar speech, if she were to ever win one. Let's hope the speech will have changed if that opportunity ever does arise.

    Brian M.Lloyd: Whiplash

    Mr. Brian M.Lloyd was on with Chris and Ciara talking about new movie Whiplash, he reckons it is destined for big things. He even gave the movie a 9/10, which he NEVER does. Also, the controversial movie quiz

    Tuesday 13th January

    Ciara's unparliamentary language

    Chris gets great delight in telling everyone that Ciara was caught shouting offensive lines from the movie Pulp Fiction to Chris, only to turn around and come face to face with a well known T.D in the corridors of RTE. As you can imagine, she was mortified. Chris revelled in her discomfort.

    Crisp Sandwich Cafe

    Chris and Ciara talked to Andrew McMenamin, the owner of 'Simply Crispy Crisp Sandwich Cafe' which has just opened in Belfast. They were in crisp sandwich heaven.

    Monday 12th January

    Rap Off: Can't Touch This

    Chris and Ciara rapped off to the old skool track by MC Hammer from 1990. Although the two thought they had done a good job, they got annihilated by the public vote, with Chris coming out the winner

    Thursday 8th January

    Fran Krause: Deepest Darkest Fears

    Animator Fran Krause comes on with Chris and Ciara to chat about his unique web comic series called 'Deep Dark Fears', where people can anonymously submit their deepest darkest fears and he will illustrate them.


    The Galway Player tells Chris and Ciara why men should not marry until they are at least 35

    Wednesday 7th January

    Ciara's Diary: New beginnings

    Ciara's Diary this week had a very melancholic teenage Ciara starting into the new year with not a lot of hope. She decides to campaign for something worthwhile for the year ahead.

    BRIAN M LLOYD: Foxcatcher

    Movie man Brian M. Lloyd was in with Chris and Ciara to talk about Steve Carrell's new movie 'Foxcatcher'. He played the first movie quiz of 2015, with Ciara failing miserably.

    Tuesday 6th January

    Irish Bride to be Tracy REALLY wants Gary Barlow to sing at her wedding

    The lovely Tracy from Longford was on to tell Chris and Ciara why she REALLY REALLY wants Gary Barlow to sing at her wedding in July.

    Old Moore's Almanac Predictions 2015

    Nicole, the editor of Old Moore's Almanac came on with Chris and Ciara to talk about the world and some Irish predictions for 2015.

    Monday 5th January

    Chris thinks Ciara is a psycho

    Ciara made the mistake of sharing a heart warming story about her being at arrivals at Dublin airport before Christmas and how it was very emotional. Chris completely pulls the piss out of her obviously, which ends with him playing the 'Psycho' themed music from the movie of the same name. Poor Ciara. Bold Chris.


    Ciara is excited when Chris gives her a voucher for a Thai massage this Christmas, but little does Ciara know that it is in fact a coupon for a Thai massage given by Chris himself. Ciara is disgusted as she bought Chanel shower gel for Chris this Christmas, which he ruins on her as he tells her he thinks of her in the shower when he uses it.


    Chris and Ciara returned to the air waves rapping off to Jay Z's verse in 'Empire State of Mind'. It's fair to say that Ciara did NOT get off to the best start in 2015.

    Sunday 21st December


    Chris decides to give Ciara her Christmas present on air. Hes very excited about it , and as it is revealed, Ciara is stunned into silence. It's actually that bad.

    Wednesday 17th December

    Ciara's Shit Teenage Poetry

    Ciara read out some more of her teenage poetry, reading 2 favourites of the listeners over the course of the year, and then she reads a very special 'Christmas' themed one. Oh dear.

    BRIAN M LLOYD: Final movie quiz of the year

    Chris and Ciara talk to regular friend of the show, Mr. Brian M. Lloyd, who was on to play the LAST movie quiz of 2014. Who will be crowned Movie Quiz King or Queen for 2014?! Have a listen. There may be shouting and head phones thrown across studio.

    Tuesday 16th December

    Chris is fat

    Chris has meltdown on air as he thinks he has put on weight. Ciara tries to be sympathetic but fails.

    Mark: Weird listener of the show

    Mark, a very strange listener of the show comes on to ask Chris and Ciara why he didn't get more of a mention when they were nominated for one of the best Podcasts of 2014 by iTunes UK and Ireland.

    Monday 15th December


    Chris and Ciara picked what they thought to be their best raps of the year and put them to the public vote. Ciara was crowned the undisputed rap champion.

    Monday 8th December


    Chris and Ciara rapped off to Eminem and Rihanna's 'Love the way you lie'. People were not happy, and were actually mean in their critiques. Chris still won though.

    Thursday 4th December

    Grace O'Reilly:

    Grace O'Reilly from came on with Chris and Ciara to talk about the weirder stories that have been making their way around the web this week. Topics included a cure for hangovers, women with more male friends get more sex AND a dating app specifically for bearded men.

    Galway Player: Modern Rom com's v Old Rom com's

    The Galway Player came on with Chris and Ciara to talk about what old rom com's like 'The Note Book' and 'Love Actually' would be like if they were filmed in the modern day. Ciara then went and had a near break down about how romance has been ruined by modern technology.

    Wednesday 3rd December

    Ciara's Diary: Band Aid

    Ciara's Teenage Diary tonight involved teenage Ciara setting up a band for the school Christmas concert with Lucy, Rebecca and hot gay Brendan.

    Brian M.Lloyd doesn't do his job

    Brian M. Lloyd usually comes on the show with Chris and Ciara and reviews movies. This week however, he didn't go to see any movies and instead just watched the Star Wars trailer which is a movie that is out this time next year. Sigh. He did however play the movie quiz.

    Tuesday 2nd December

    Jake Browne: Cannibas Critic

    Jake Browne, a Colorado resident reviews weed for a living. He came on Chris and Ciara to talk about what it's like to be one of the only cannibas critics in the United States.

    Monday 1st December


    After his killer jokes about rain Enda stopped by to tell us some jokes. Too funny!


    Chris and Ciara rapped of to Jay Z's verse in the epic 2010 track 'Run This Town' featuring Kanye and Rihanna. Chris was AMAZING, but to everyone's surprise Ciara actually won. Chris was NOT happy.

    Wednesday 26th November


    Ciara read out some more shit teenage poetry tonight as part of Ciara's diary. Themes tonight included an old break up poem, period pains, and teenage Ciara wishing she was someone else for a day.

    Brian.M.Lloyd: Movie Quiz

    Mr. Brian M.Lloyd was on the show like he is every Wednesday night talking movie and playing the movie quiz, which Chris has won 2 weeks in a row now. Wonders will never cease.

    Monday 24th November


    Chris and Ciara rapped off to some Blood Hound Gangs 'Bad Touch'. Chris won it hands down to be fair, BUT Ciara was sick, so. You know, maybe SHE would have won

    Thursday 20th November


    The Galway Player compares dating to The X Factor


    Grace O'Reilly from talked to Chris and Ciara about some of the weirder stories floating around the internet this week

    Wednesday 19th November

    Ciara's Diary: Romantic Short Story

    Ciara read out an extract from her old teenage diary where she is in a melancholic and lonely mood, so writes herself a short fictional romance story featuring a Sonia O'Sullivan loving teenage girl and the captain of the school rugby team.

    Brian.M.Lloyd: Movies

    The great movie man Brian M Lloyd was in studio with Chris and Ciara to talk about the new Hunger Games movie and to play their weekly movie quiz.

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