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    Wednesday 25th March


    Chris and Ciara were joined by Brian. M. Lloyd who was in talking movies, Ciara's Diary tonight involved a poem written when Geri Halliwell left The Spice Girls, they point out the fact that Ciara predicted that Zayn Malic would be the first to leave One Direction

    Tuesday 24th March

    CHRIS & CIARA - TUESDAY 24/3/15

    C&C played TFCN Quiz with Emma Power & Ciara finally broke her streak, a young student with an interesting Art Installation on dead unidentified women chatted with them, along with Michael Murphy analysing the dreams of the listeners & a story about a NZ couple who thought they would die as they were locked into their keyless car.

    Monday 23rd March

    CHRIS & CIARA - MONDAY 23/3/15

    The show started with The Win Back Your License Fee Quiz with Darragh, who had man flu, so did not win back his license fee. They rapped off to Coolio's Gansters Paradise & Ciara announced her retirement from the Rap Off. There I said it had the two of them all fired up, and Ciara shared a story of how a man asked to kiss her leg over the weekend

    Thursday 19th March

    CHRIS & CIARA - THURSDAY 19/3/15

    Chris and Ciara started off the show with The Win Back Your License Fee Quiz, had the Galway Player on talking man crushes, DJ Mo K popped into studio to talk about the latest Hip Hop news, and they argued about whether a Chinese man should have saved his current girlfriend or ex girlfriend after both of them jumped into a river.

    Wednesday 18th March


    Chris and Ciara chatted to Brian M.Lloyd about the Jameson International Film Festival, read some Ciara's Diary where she stuffs her bra and writes a poem called 'Padded Bra', they discussed the Natalia Kills New Zealand X Factor fracas and played The Cruise To Snooze.

    Wednesday 11th March


    Chris and Ciara chatted to movie resident guy Brian.M.Lloyd, read some old skool Ciara's Diary where she wrote a letter to a prisoner on death row while grounded, talked about a new innovation from Pornhub called 'Wank Band' and played the Cruise To Snooze.

    Tuesday 10th March

    CHRIS & CIARA - TUESDAY 10/3/15

    Chris and Ciara started the show with Miss Emma Power playing the Fake Celebrity News Quiz, they talked to a journalist who interviewed a Hitler Impersonator in Kosovo, had dream analysis with Michael Murphy and talked about the Robin Thicke Pharrell Williams 'Blurred Line' controversy.

    Monday 9th March

    Thursday 5th March


    Chris and Ciara played The Win Back Your License Fee Quiz, had the Galway player on talking about what girl's bedrooms say about their personality, strange friend of the show Mark wason with some tips for the two AND a Moral Dilemma that involved a man who paid his $600 property tax in 600 $1 dollar bills tightly folded and got arrested.

    Wednesday 4th March


    Brian Lloyd was in to talk about new movie 'Chappie' and play the movie quiz. Ciara's Diary tonight involved teenage Ciara going to her first rave. Chris and Ciara reminisced about the fact that Mark McCabe's 'Maniac 2000' is 15 years old today AND Chris tells everyone how adultery has been decriminalised in South Korea, and they've all gone mad.

    Tuesday 3rd March

    Chris & Ciara - Tuesday 3/3/15

    Chris & Ciara started the show playing the FCNQ with Emma Power, had a man on who celebrates having a small penis, they analysed some of the listeners dreams, then complained relentlessly that they were not thrown a birthday party for their first yeard anniversary on 2fm.

    Monday 2nd March

    CHRIS & CIARA - MONDAY 02/03/15

    C&C rapped off to Lil' Wayne & Drake's 'The Motto' which Chris won. 'There I said It' involved men not being confident in the sack with their other halves & A Pastor in America who says that by posting ultra sound pictures of your unborn child on Facebook may lead a coven of witches to curse them.

    Thursday 26th February

    CHRIS & CIARA - THURSDAY 26/02/15

    We had a winner for The Win Back Your License Fee Quiz. Then Ciara & The Galway Player managed to have a one hell of an argument which resulted in Ciara walking out of the studio. Things got back to normal though when Kim, a woman who weight lifts with her vagina came on the show. And much more! Some show in fairness.

    Wednesday 25th February

    CHRIS & CIARA - WEDNESDAY 25/02/15

    Chris and Ciara started the show talking to Brian. M. Lloyd who was on talking about Will Smith's new movie 'Focus', and playing a cartoon themed quiz. Ciara's Diary tonight involved a teenage Ciara very angry with the world. Ed Sheeran tickets were given away AND Madonna's fall on The Brit's last night was discussed.

    Tuesday 24th February

    CHRIS & CIARA - TUESDAY 24/02/15

    Emma P was on to play The Fake Cele News Quiz, They talked to a woman about making yoghurt with the help of your vagina. Michael Murphy was on to analyse the dreams of the listeners. Chris played some audio of a Swedish listener shouting expletives about him & as always they finished the show asking the Irish public what it is they are doing awake.

    Monday 23rd February

    CHRIS & CIARA - MONDAY 23/02/15

    The Rap Off tonight was to Beyonce and Jay'Z's 03' Bonnie & Clyde. Chris won, although Ciara will argue it was close. Ciara is annoyed as Chris has forgotten a VERY important anniversary in their Radio life together and Chris tells a story about an American company who accidently sent an official letter to a client with 'Dear C-Word' written on it.

    Wednesday 18th February

    CHRIS & CIARA - WEDNESDAY 18/02/15

    Mr.Brian M. Lloyd who was on talking the latest movie releases and played a TV themed quiz with the two tonight and Ciara's Diary tonight involved a poor hapless teenage Ciara getting her nose smashed in with a basket ball.

    Tuesday 17th February

    CHRIS & CIARA - TUESDAY 17/02/15

    Emma Power was on to play The Fake celebrity News Quiz & Comedian Alison Spittle came on to talk about old Radio 2 audio she came across in a record store over the weekend. It was audio of old presenters rapping a new station line up. Chris and Ciara fear their rapping will be unearthed in the future too.

    Monday 16th February

    CHRIS & CIARA - MONDAY 16/02/15

    Here's Monday's full show without the boring news, ads and music! Chris and Ciara went through some hilarious Country and Western song titles, Chris gave Ciara the low down on Drakes new mix tape & Chris and Ciara reminisce about the fun times that they had in Chris' old car!

    Thursday 12th February

    Chris' Birthday Surprise

    It is Chris' birthday, and as usual the tradition on the show is for Chris and Ciara to give their presents to each other on air. There was some birthday surprises for Chris when he receives some birthday messages from none other than Mark McCabe, Brenda Donohue AND Daithi O'Se.

    Galway Player on Valentine's

    The Galway Player came on with Chris and Ciara to talk about how Valentine's is his favourite time of year, and gives advice on how to score. Just so you know, there is no requirement to actually listen to said advice.

    Wednesday 11th February

    Brian.M.Lloyd: 50 Shades of Grey

    Mr. Brian.M.Lloyd came in to Chris and Ciara to talk about the highly anticipated movie '50 Shades Of Grey' and play the movie quiz. Both Chris and Ciara did not excel in this week's movie quiz AT ALL.

    Ciara's Diary: Valentine's Day Blues

    Ciara reads out an extract from her old diary where it's Valentines day and things do NOT go to plan in her teenage life.

    Tuesday 10th February

    Breeding insects to eat

    Chris and Ciara chat to Katharina Unger, who is developing a product which allows people to breed their own flies for protein. It's okay though, because you can dip them in chocolate. Yummy.

    Fake Celebrity news Quiz

    Every Tuesday, the lovely Emma Power comes on with Chris and Ciara to play The Fake Celebrity News Quiz. It's a time of the week when Chris, Ciara and Emma get fiercely competitive with each other. This podcast may contain the sound of Llama's.

    Monday 9th February

    Rap Off: Drunk in Love

    Chris and Ciara revisit the time that they rapped to Jay Z's verse in Beyonce track 'Drunk in Love' after it won Best R&B performance at The Grammy's last night. They are like a young Hov and the Queen Bey themselves. Well, they think that anyway.

    Give a man a seat App

    Chris and Ciara chat to Wayne Mullins, one of the lads behind an app which can tell men if there are seats in particular shops so men can rest while shopping with their significant other. Chris is beyond excited about this App.

    Wednesday 4th February

    Ciara's Diary: Illegal Activity

    In this week's Ciara's Diary, Teenage Ciara succumbs to peer pressure, does something illegal, then thinks she will be arrested by the guards.

    Brian.M.Lloyd: Jupiter Ascending

    Mr. Brian M.Lloyd was on with Chris and Ciara to talk about new movie Jupiter Ascending, and to play the movie quiz. Which actually ended in a draw.

    Tuesday 3rd February

    Chris and Ciara on TV

    Chris and Ciara made an appearance on Late Lunch Live with Lucy Kennedy and Martin King today. Chris had complained about having to go on the show beforehand. Here, Chris and Ciara tell you what exactly went on when they discover, not only is Mr.Ireland going to be on the couch beside Chris, but Ciara once again denies that they are a couple.

    Monday 2nd February

    Rap Off: California Gurls

    Chris and Ciara rapped off to Snoop Dogg's verse in Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' in homage to Katy Perry's half time show at the Super Bowl in America over the weekend. Chris won the Rap off this week, and people were kinder with their comments. Which was nice. For once.

    Wednesday 28th January

    Ciara's Diary: Dry Humping

    Each Wednesday, Ciara reads out some old entries of her teenage diaries from when she was a young girl growing up in the 90's. This weeks extract involves teenage Ciara sneaking out and meeting boys.

    Brian. M. Lloyd : Movies

    Mr. Movie Man Brian.M.Lloyd came on with Chris and Ciara to talk new movies and play the movie quiz!

    Tuesday 27th January

    Cow Stylist

    Chris and Ciara talk to professional cow stylist (Yes you read that correctly) Stephen McLoughlin and find out all you need to know about styling your cow.

    Monday 26th January

    Chris and Ciara: Alternative questions to fall in love to

    Chris and Ciara ask each other alternative questions to fall in love to, after The New York Times wrote an article about a psychological study on the 36 questions that can make two people fall in love. Chris and Ciara decided to give it a shot. What's the worst that could happen.

    Rap Off: Get Your Freak On

    Chris and Ciara rapped off to Missy Elliott's 'Get Your Freak On' and it may question whether or not you may actually ever want to get your freak on again.

    Irish guy who gets stuck in a vent

    Chris and Ciara talk about the case of a 18 year old Irish guy getting arrested while trying to sneak into a nightclub in Australia.

    Transatlantic baby

    Chris and Ciara talk about a baby who was born over the Atlantic, and in a weird twist Chris and Ciara got all cerebral, with Chris even dropping some Latin in to conversation. VERY La-Ti-Da.

    Thursday 22nd January


    The Galway Player talks to Chris and Ciara about his ideas for TV dating shows in Ireland.

    Wednesday 21st January

    Chris & Ciara - If You Die...

    Chris and Ciara tell each other what they would do if each other died. They even got suggestions from the listeners!

    Ciara's BAD teenage poetry corner

    Ciara reads out some really bad poetry that she wrote as a teenage, and the theme is The Spice Girls. Oh Dear.

    Brian M.Lloyd: Movies

    Brian M.Lloyd was in studio with Chris and Ciara to talk about Domhnall Gleeson's latest movie AND play the movie quiz.

    Tuesday 20th January

    Dating's Little Helper

    Irish Love Guru Tracey Ferguson was on to chat with Chris and Ciara about her new service which helps Irish people up their dating game by fixing their on-line dating profiles.

    Monday 19th January

    Chris and Ciara talk Vajankles

    Ciara reveals to Chris a new sex toy that is doing the rounds at the minute. The Vajankle. It's exactly what you think it might be.

    Rap Off: Iggy Azalea: Beg For It

    Chris and Ciara rapped off to Iggy Azalea's latest offering 'Beg For It'. It was a close one to call (Although Ciara would disagree) but she eventually edged it in the end.

    Thursday 15th January

    Galway Player 'Advice'

    The Galway Player was on with Chris and Ciara to read out emails he had received from listeners of the show, who for some reason, thought it was a good idea to contact the Galway Player looking for his help.

    Chocolate snorting

    Chris and Ciara chatted to a lady from Canada who owns a shop where you can legitimately go in and snort chocolate.

    Wednesday 14th January

    White people shower more than Ethnics

    Chris and Ciara discuss former Glee actress Naya Rivera's comments on showering when she made a recent appearance on TV programme The View. She clearly didn't think it through before she opened her mouth on National American TV. she did come out to say it was meant to be a joke. So that's okay then.

    Ciara's Diary: Oscar Speech

    Ciara's Diary tonight involved teenage Ciara recounting an Oscar's ceremony she watched on TV in 1998. Then she decides to write her own Oscar speech, if she were to ever win one. Let's hope the speech will have changed if that opportunity ever does arise.

    Brian M.Lloyd: Whiplash

    Mr. Brian M.Lloyd was on with Chris and Ciara talking about new movie Whiplash, he reckons it is destined for big things. He even gave the movie a 9/10, which he NEVER does. Also, the controversial movie quiz

    Tuesday 13th January

    Ciara's unparliamentary language

    Chris gets great delight in telling everyone that Ciara was caught shouting offensive lines from the movie Pulp Fiction to Chris, only to turn around and come face to face with a well known T.D in the corridors of RTE. As you can imagine, she was mortified. Chris revelled in her discomfort.

    Crisp Sandwich Cafe

    Chris and Ciara talked to Andrew McMenamin, the owner of 'Simply Crispy Crisp Sandwich Cafe' which has just opened in Belfast. They were in crisp sandwich heaven.

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