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    Thursday 4th February

    Galway Player: Valentine's

    The Galway Player was on to give a few tips on how to snag a date for Valentine's Day

    Agony Aunt: Jo McNally

    Funny lady Jo McNally was in to talk about what happens when one person in a couple wants to get married and the other does not. Awkward.

    Gamer Joe

    Gamer Joe Griffin was in to talk about how video games are now grossing more than movies, and how artists are capitalizing from this.

    Wednesday 3rd February

    Moral Dilemma: Double Standards

    Chris and Ciara talk about a recent interview featuring actresses Leslie Mann and Dakota Johnson flirting with a male interviewer and they talk about double standards.

    Ciara's Diary: Praying to God

    Teenage Ciara turns to Religion and God and every Patron Saint she has ever heard of to help her pass her mocks.

    Brian M. Lloyd: New Movie Quiz

    Brian M.Lloyd was in to talk about the remake of Point Break and play a new fun movie quiz with Chris and Ciara, which Chris won.

    Tuesday 2nd February

    Fake Celebrity News Quiz

    Emma Power was in studio with Chris and Ciara to play the Fake Celebrity news quiz which had a Rihanna theme this week because of the release of her new album 'Anti'.

    Chris' Fashion Intervention

    Ciara tries to stage an intervention with Chris and his fashion choices by getting a fashion psychologist on the phone to advise, but it backfired on her spectacularly.

    Monday 1st February

    Mouse Troubles

    Ciara tells Chris how she may have a mouse in her house, and although Chris tries to traumatise her, the listeners of the show send in helpful enough messages.


    Chris and Ciara talked about how you can now rent a Monk for special occasions from Amazon Japan.

    Rap Off: Diamonds from Sierra Leone

    Chris and Ciara rapped off to a classic Kanye West verse in the epic 'Diamonds from Sierra Leone', and Chris was the unanimous winner with listeners wanting to re name the show 'Kanye and Ciara'

    Archives with Aifric

    Aifric was in studio with Chris and Ciara to go through some old audio of under age secondary school drinking in Mayo in the 1980's and investigated the world of the Seventh son with amazing audio from 1970's Ireland.

    Wednesday 27th January

    Ciara's Diary

    Teenage Ciara is angry that she didn't do Home Ec as a Leaving Cert subject, has no time for workers involved in Industrial disputes and now hates the country of Australia as Danny her boyfriend might emigrate over there after the Leaving Cert.

    Brian M Lloyd: Dirty Grandpa

    Brian was in studio to talk about Robert De Niro's new movie 'Dirty Grandpa' which he gave his lowest rating of all time to and to play the movie quiz which Chris won.

    Tuesday 26th January

    Katch Dating App

    Julia from the new dating app 'Katch' was on to tell Chris and Ciara why they should use this app and also adds that she doesn't think that Irish women should wear underwear out.

    Weird Caller Mark

    Weird caller to the show Mark was on to share his new found love for being a DJ and to pitch some show features to Chris and Ciara

    Fake Celebrity News Quiz

    Emma was in with Chris and Ciara to play the fake celebrity news quiz and it got rudely interrupted by a piece of Michael Fassbender's anatomy.

    Monday 25th January

    Rap Off: Monster

    Chris and Ciara rapped off to Nicki Minaj's verse in Monster, recently in the headlines as Adele performed it in Carpool Karoke with James Corden. They decided to team up against Adele and declare it a draw.

    Archives with Aifric

    Archivist to the stars Aifric was in studio with Chris and Ciara to talk about a report of a rampant rabbit problem on one of the Aran Islands in 1985 and a very interesting art purchase for the Hugh Lane Gallery in 1982.

    Thursday 21st January

    The Galway Player

    The Galway Player was on with Chris and Ciara to talk about why it's better to have a dog than be in a relationship.

    Agony Aunt: Jo McNally

    Part time Agony Aunt Jo McNally was in to discuss what to do when your other half is filthy rich but bad in bed.

    Mo Kay Hip Hop Roundup

    Main man Mo Kay was in with Chris and Ciara to talk about Jamie Foxx being a hero, Snoop Dogg weighing in on the Oscars controversy and he went through what Ryan Tubridy should ask Ice Cube on The Late Late Show.

    Wednesday 20th January

    Moral Dilemma: Amy Schumer

    Chris and Ciara talk about the fact that Amy Schumer has been accused of stealing jokes, they play audio of the examples used and her response to these allegations.

    Ciara's BAD Teenage Poetry Corner

    Ciara read out some bad teenage poetry during Ciara's Diary which featured themes such as the famine, teenage desire and Nicloe Kidman and Tom Cruise's divorce.

    Brian M.Lloyd: The Big Short

    Movie man Brian was in studio as he is every Wednesday talking about new movie 'The Big Short' and playing the movie quiz, which Ciara narrowly won.

    Tuesday 19th January

    Blindboy: Grief on the Internet

    Blindboy from The Rubberbandits was on with Chris and Ciara to talk about people expressing their grief on the internet after the recent spate of celebrity deaths.

    Sexpert Beth Wallace

    Beth Wallace from Bliss Ireland was on with Chris and Ciara to talk about how you can ask for what you want sexually in the bedroom, and typical penis size.

    Fake Celebrity News Quiz

    Emma Power was on with Chris and Ciara to play a Leonardo DiCaprio themed Fake Celebrity News Quiz, and Emma was victorious.

    Monday 18th January

    Archives with Aifric

    Archivist extraordinaire Aifric had some hilarious audio from 1986 of a protest outside UCG college about a screening of a film called 'Hail Mary' and some classic archive audio of The Late Late Show from 1985 with Uncle Gaybo.

    Rap Off: Gin & Juice

    Chris and Ciara rapped off to some old skool Snoop Dogg all the way back in 1993. Ciara may have edged it by a whsker.

    Thursday 14th January

    Galway Player: Renting V Relationships

    The Galway Player was on with Chris and Ciara comparing certain renting situations to relationships and dating.

    Mo Kay

    Mo Kay was in studio with Chris and Ciara to talk about the time he hung out with Rev Run and Chris found some hilarious audio of Snopp Dogg being a total grump towards Bill Gates online.

    Agony Aunt Jo McNally

    Agony Aunt Jo McNally was on to talk about what to do when you lend money to your friend and they don't pay you back.

    Wednesday 13th January

    Ciara's Diary: Aung San Suu Kyi

    Teenage Ciara pens a desperate letter to political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi after Lucy has another pregnancy scare.

    Brian M.Lloyd: Movies

    Movie man Brian was in to talk about new movies 'Room' and 'Creed' and to play the movie quiz, which was a draw!

    Tuesday 12th January

    Blindboy: Future President?

    Blindboy from The Rubberbandits was on to talk to Chris and Ciara about his appearance on The Late Late Show and explain why he is reluctant to become the future President of Ireland.

    Fake Celebrity News Quiz

    Emma was in studio to play the Fake Celebrity News Quiz, and Ciara was the winner this week.

    Monday 11th January

    Archives with Aifric

    Archive enthusiast Aifric came on with Chris and Ciara to play some audio concerning a haunted house in Longford in 1985 and to discuss a news report where a hippy commune was set up on an island off Mayo in 1971.

    Thursday 7th January

    Galway Player: Weird Dating Apps

    The Galway Player was on the phone to go through a list of the weirdest dating apps available out there.

    Mo Kay: Urban Newz

    Mo Kay was in studio to introduce Chris and Ciara to a 79 year old rapper called 'Bitcoin' and to talk about the potential comeback of Craig David.

    Daily News Round Up

    Chris and Ciara talk about Donald Trump's Tweet in reference to Paris and Germany and also mention the stats out showing a 16% decrease in Irish Porn Hub users when the Late Late Top show was on.

    Wednesday 6th January

    Ciara's Diary: New Year's Resolutions

    It's January, teenage Ciara is back in school and she's feeling philosophical so she writes up a list of New Year's resolutions for the year ahead.

    Brian M. Lloyd: The Hateful Eight

    Movie man and friend of the show Brian was in studio with Chris and Ciara about Quentin Tarantino's latest offering and to play the movie quiz of course.

    Tuesday 5th January

    Top 5: Tanzania

    Chris and Ciara went through the Top 5 songs hot in Tanzania right now and learned a little bit about 'Bongo Flava' along the way.

    Blind Boy: Poverty & Housing Crisis

    Blind Boy from The Rubberbandits was on to talk about the success of their 1916 Rising documentary and also to discuss recent flooding, poverty and Ireland's housing crisis.

    Fake Celebrity News Quiz

    Chris and Ciara were joined in studio by Ms. Emma Power to play the first Fake Celebrity News Quiz of the new year. Chris emerged victorious.

    Monday 4th January

    Chris and Ciara Predict 2016

    Chris and Ciara went through some predictions that Keith Barry made early last year about 2015 and decided to come up with their own predictions for 2016. They may or may not come true.

    Archives with Aifric

    Intrepid RTE reporter Aifric delved into the archives this week and found some golden audio of Marian Finucane participating in a quiz show in the 1980's, and a report from 1969 when Ireland introduced the breathalyser.

    Rap Off: Truffle Butter

    Chris and Ciara raised their rap game for 2016 and rapped off to Drake and Nicki Minaj's verses in 'Truffle Butter'.

    Wednesday 16th December

    Ciara's Diary: We Didn't Start the Fire

    Ciara's Diary tonight was an epic teenage version of Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start the Fire' with lots of 90s and adolescent references.

    Brian M. Lloyd: Star Wars

    Movie man Brian was in studio with Chris and Ciara to talk about the new Star Wars movie and play the last movie quiz of 2015. Ciara was crowned the overall winner.

    Tuesday 15th December

    Blindboy: Emotional Health

    Blindboy from The Rubberbandits was on to talk about the importance of mental health, thinking positively and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

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